Thursday, December 18, 2014

Class and Sass

I've realized that most of my blogs begin with a confession about how long it's been since I've posted. This one is past the three month mark. In that three months, I've made some pretty permanent decisions that have drastically changed my life. And it's all been very weird but so so cool.

Sam and I got married. This is old news to our friends and family (especially if we're Facebook friends), but I noticed that I have three readers in Germany, seven in Peru and twenty-five in Finland.... And last I checked, I don't know anyone currently living in any of those countries. So, for those thirty-five people, I'll just give everyone a quick update. 

We had a very small wedding. I'm not even sure I can call it a wedding.... but a marriage definitely took place, so I'll just call it a wedding to keep it simple. I flew home from Hong Kong on a Friday and we were married on Monday. A lot of people seem a little confused when I tell them we were married after only being engaged for a month. Like as if I must be pregnant or we just couldn't wait to consummate the marriage. Not that it's really anyone else's business, but neither of those things are true. We really did it for Sam's work visa. 

Just kidding. Sort of. 

Yes, Sam was ready to move to Hong Kong and I was ready to have him here and the easiest way for him to work here was to get a dependent visa from me. Classy, I know. But aside from all of that, we actually love each other a lot. It was the plan for a long time to have our legal ceremony rather quickly and for him to come back to Hong Kong to live with me. So that's what we did!


One of my BFF's (Janel) was able to drive from Utah to see me get married. And we got a selfie with my Gramps. 

We're married. Jealous? 

We left the small community center (there was a white board in every room) where we had our ceremony and to keep things classy, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos at dinner. I'll just paint a picture for you. Twenty-five of us at one table. One server. Separate checks. But it was actually really fun AND I had chicken fajitas. Class. 

Sam and I were then chauffeured by my parents (class) to a small hotel in downtown Seattle. After telling the concierge that we had just been married, she complimented me on my bird dress and offered us champagne. We took Perrier instead (class). We spent two days in Seattle seeing the sights that we both are pretty familiar with since we grew up around that area. We bought ourselves wedding gifts at Nordstrom Rack (class), and then we tried to do something actually classy by going to the Seattle Art Museum. Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday, so the museum was closed. Instead we saw "Gone Girl" and spent the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable. On Wednesday morning, we took a cab to the Seattle Metro and then headed to the airport. 

Two and a half hours later, we were greeted at LAX by one of my favorite women to ever grace the planet. She took us to her home to see her family, brought us to an excellent spot in Long Beach for cheap Mexican food, and finally to Target; The King of Class. I was sad to say goodbye but we saw her like twelve hours later at Disneyland. 

Katie Sandwich. On one side- Husband. On the other- Hailey. 

So I know what you're all thinking; You seriously went to Disneyland for your honeymoon? And the answer is, "No. I did not." Actually, this Disney trip was planned before the wedding was planned. My older sister and her family were planning to be there and I wanted to hang out in Disneyland with my nephews. So there. 

We went as the crew from Peter Pan. My brother-in-law made an excellent shadow and my nephews are just too dang cute. And props to my sister for a very accurate Mr. Smee. As you can see, we all pretty much gave up on finding the right shoes.

We found Peter and Wendy. All we discussed was how we should pose and how much better Wendy's hair was than mine. Those bangs tho. 

And my dearest friend and former AMDA roommate, Caitlyn, met us in her space suit to bring us our wedding gift. I was just really happy about the space suit. 

And the hats made for excellent photos!!!

After spending time in Disneyland, we drove our rental car (class) to Los Angeles to see some friends and get cheap music from AMDA, which I got loads and loads of. We stayed in a really gross hotel. Like really gross. I thought with it being a chain, we would be safe enough, but then I remembered that we were on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and we got the room for under 100$ a night. But it was all worth it, because...

That night we had a Hong Kong Disneyland reunion!

I was glad to spend another night with my main squeeze Hailey, and if you didn't know, the lovely blonde on the left is Noelle, who you might recognize from her very famous tumblr called "Low-Budget Beasts". Look it up, if you haven't already. She's a comedic goddess. 

After our very short trip to Los Angeles, we headed back to Seattle to spend a little time with our families. I honestly don't remember much of that last week, probably because I spent most of my time watching TV and eating root beer floats (root beer is real hard to come by in Hong Kong. Class). Sam and I also got pretty sick, which is exactly what you want when you're about to be stuck on a plane for fourteen hours. 

So now we live in Hong Kong together! And we're having a blast. Look out for my next blog when I tell you all about our super fun adventures as newlyweds! Adventures include: Adding Sam to my bank account, applying for his dependent visa and trying to find him a job!

Oh. And now that I'm married, I will use this blog as a platform to share my unlimited knowledge of how to be an excellent homemaker. Because the second you get married, you know everything. Right?

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