Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shears and Shingles

Before anyone becomes alarmed by the name of this blog post, this post is about shears and the kind of shingles you have on your roof.

Just kidding. I really do have shingles.

And you can thank my husband for the cute and clever name of this post. He's so smart.

Before I get to the shingles, we'll talk about the shears. But actually, before I get to the shears, I have to talk about a million other things first. But don't worry, they're all fun and interesting things!

We celebrated my 24th birthday at iCaramba! Mexican restaurant where the burritos are 20$ USD but they're more than willing to give everyone free tequila. It got to the point where I had to tell the waitress I was pregnant so she would stop trying to force me to take shots of (what I would imagine... I don't drink) the cheapest, crappiest tequila known to man. 

But we had a really great time. It's so nice getting a lot of attention and a lot of candy. 

My birthday booty. 

The restaurant had these really cool space lights for the table that we were all pretty enthralled with. 

And I was joined by a lot of people I love. 

A few days after, Sam and I used one of my days off to hang out at The Hong Kong Wetland Park, which happens to be only a 10 minute walk from our apartment in Tin Shui Wai. Sam had been before but I was a first timer. 

They had this really awesome maze that was just tall enough for a 4 year old to see over the hedges. 
If you're wondering what that tiny speck is in the center.... just have a closer look. 


Ah! It's me!
I was on my knees, in case you were wondering. 

If you don't know much about wetland reserves, here's what the wikipedia page has to say-

"Hong Kong Wetland Park is a conservation, education and tourism facility, located at the northern part of Tin Shui Wai, in Yuen Long. It was to be an ecological mitigation area for the wetlands lost due to Tin Shui Wai New Town development. The Hong Kong Wetland Park comprises a 10,000-square-metre (110,000 sq ft) visitor centre, Wetland Interactive World, and a 60-hectare (150-acre) Wetland Reserve. The Wetland Interactive World has themed exhibition galleries, a theatre, a souvenir shop, an indoor play area (swamp adventure) and a resource centre." 
So there you go. 

It was really beautiful and full of exotic birds, which Sam just loves. 

I made him take this photo.

And inside the center, there's a very small aquarium/zoo. I'm a little bit anti-zoo so I wasn't too thrilled about hanging out in there, but I did find a friend. 

I didn't name him because I was already so depressed while watching him try to desperately escape from his cage for 10 minutes. 

We kept running into this one couple who I'm guessing were from Mainland China (because they spoke Mandarin. Not because of their behavior.). The man was taking photos of the woman, who posed with every single statue, live animal and trash can they saw. The woman tried to take some photos with us but we swiftly ran to the next room. We couldn't escape them because while they were taking hours to photograph everything, we were reading about Chinese Pond Herons and Eastern Cattle Egrets.

Shortly after my birthday and just a few days before Chinese New Year, Sam braved the crowds and came to see me perform in the new show I've been subbing for. And he swears he'll never do it again. But he got some great photos! 

Miss Kitty, her handsome friend Sam, and her very talented band. 

And here's Miss Kitty with some new friends who didn't understand a word she said. 

AND.... He filmed the whole show. If you've got ten minutes to spare, I promise you won't be disappointed. We do the Hokey Pokey. 

And on that note, Miss Kitty got to meet Olaf and he was just adorable. I couldn't not share this photo. 

So I guess now we get to the meat. There's a bit of news that I've been putting off sharing. I know my husband has made a public announcement already, but I've been waiting for the right time... I guess. A few weeks ago, I was offered a small extension of my current contract that would keep me in Hong Kong until July 27th. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, Sam and I decided to take it. Then, just last night, the entire cast of Golden Mickeys was informed that after nearly ten years, the show will be closing on the 26th of July to make room for a new show to open at The Storybook Theatre this November. Even though I was already planning to leave Hong Kong at the end of this contract extension, the news comes with a lot of mixed feelings... mostly sad ones. I am so incredibly grateful that I was given the opportunity to be in this cast at this time. I'm sad that so many others will miss out on the experience I've had with Golden Mickeys, but I know the new show will bring with it similar life-changing experiences for those involved and a new family of performers. It's an exciting time at Hong Kong Disneyland and my heart is so full of love and optimism; not only for myself but for the people I've grown to love so much over the last 17 months. This will be the beginning of a new chapter for each of us, wherever that chapter will take place.

Okay, now that I'm crying a bit, we'll talk about Sam's absolutely terrible haircut. 

Since Sam and I will be returning to the states the end of July, we have about four weeks to put together our wedding, which will be the 29th of August. We're doing as much of the planning here in Hong Kong so that I don't end up throwing myself out a window the week before our wedding because nothing is done. All of the planning had to begin with some "engagement" photos, which should have been done last August. Oh well. 

So we scheduled a shoot with a friend of mine here at Disney. Our work schedules made that difficult. We had to book less than a week out and it happened to be the week after Chinese New Year. CNY is an exciting time here in Hong Kong and it's regarded as more sacred than Christmas. So everything is closed for like six days, including Sam's hair salon. We waited and waited and two days before our shoot, it was still closed. We decided to try a different salon... and... it... it was bad. 

To make a long story short, we had to send Sam out to a friend of ours who lives on the other side of Hong Kong to have her fix it. And he had very short hair for the photos. But they're still cute!

Just a little preview... 

These photos will be forever cherished for a few reasons. It's the culmination of my time here in Hong Kong, which has forever changed my life, it holds the brief memory of Sam's 5 year old Chinese boy haircut, and (though it can't be seen in the photos) I look pretty average in them, despite the fact that I have a rip-roaring case of the shingles. 

I thought I just had a weird rash that I was going to ignore because weird skin stuff isn't abnormal here. But then my lymph nodes above my thighs swelled to the size of golf balls, so I went to the doctor. It took all of five minutes for Dr. Yeung to diagnose me. Then prescribed me some ridiculously expensive pills and told me to go home and sleep, which I did after I got a burrito down the street.

So this last weekend, I laid in bed eating pizza and watching a whole lot of Vice documentaries. I returned to work yesterday, which I was thankful to be able to do, only to be asked every five minutes to see my rash; which is on my butt. The term Shingle-Belle was also coined. Thanks, Raymond. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

When Katie Met Sallie

You may think, judging by the title, that I'm about to tell you an adorable, charming story of a new friend I made named Sallie. This is only partially true. It's true that I'm about to tell you a story and that I met someone named Sallie, but it's neither charming nor adorable and I would be lying if I called Sallie a friend of mine.

It's been over a month since my last blog post. And I have yet to tell you all about my New Years and Christmas and everything that's been going on at work... but first... Sallie.

It was a brisk and sunny winter's day. The light beat upon my rouged cheek through the city bus window, whilst my husband sat beside me, staring absent-mindedly at the other lost souls braving the journey along side us. I peered out the window into the haze that lazily moved across the horizon, gently brushing the distant buildings with what appeared to be a blanket of thick, suffocating smog. I tried to stifle my nervousness by humming a simple melody, but my throat was dryer than one thousand deserts. For weeks we had tried to have Samuel added to my pre-existing bank account, but to no avail. We had heard about an HSBC branch, far away in Central Hong Kong, where it was rumored that the banking officers would take mercy on peasant Westerners like us, but it took until this day to work up the courage to travel such a dismal distance. But we knew in our hearts that this was our only chance at freedom. Our weariness was somehow masked by our innocent optimism, and we looked to our future with hope knowing whatever battles we would have to overcome, we would be together. But we could never have been prepared for the events that would unfold at the Lyndhurst Terrace Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.

Whoa. Okay. That was exhausting. Seriously, how did Margaret Mitchell write 1,000 pages of that?

Now, the remainder of the story in plain English...

Basically, we went to a branch in the city because typically you can find people who speak a little more English down there. The branch in the mall where we live was totally unhelpful and all our friends told us to just go to the city. So we did. We waited a few minutes at the bank and finally were sat down... with Sallie.

Sallie was a middle-aged woman in a pant suit and kitten heels with fierce bangs and a confused demeanor. We handed her our paper work and she had us write down our addresses and account information and such. She bumbled around on her computer for thirty minutes while we just watched in silence, wondering if she even remembered we were sitting there. In that thirty minutes, she also knocked over her cup of pencils twice, made copies of Sam's passport photo page three or four times, dropped a calculator on the floor, and coughed with her mouth open about every three minutes. She then sent us on our way, telling us it would be a week until Sam's bank card would arrive at the branch for pick up.

To a make a long story short, it took seven weeks, three trips to the bank and thirty very angry emails to Sallie for us to get the bank card. And she literally had no idea why I was mad... like as if it was totally normal for her to forget to collect the proper paper work from us the first two times (when I had it with us every time) and we should just be fine with coming in again so Sam can re-sign the same paper twice or bring in yet another copy of his passport. And three times she told me over email  her manager would be dealing with it from now on (to which I said "Fantastic. That's what I've been wanting.") and that never happened either.

Anyway, Sam has his bank card now so he can actually get paid for the job he's been working at for nearly two months. Thanks, Sallie.

Anyway, Sam and I had a lovely Christmas together (our first as married people)!

Our hotel has these weird stuffed animal reindeer all over the lobby and we're always seeing grown men taking pictures with them like this.

Sam and I attended a Christmas Party with Brittany and Jesse at a friend of their's and there was a lovely cheese platter... 

and this giant ham that was resting in the bedroom. 

It was delicious ham. 

On Christmas Eve we ate at a sort of "New Orleans" style restaurant called Restoration. We ate family style with Brittany, Jesse, Max and Rebecca and we all ate entirely too much. But the brussel sprouts had bourbon glaze and pancetta all over them. How could we not?!

After dinner we headed home and recorded an electronic Christmas card and put it on Youtube. 

If you're wondering why I look angry through out the video, it's because I was angry. 
It was late and I was feeling a bit rough. 

On Christmas morning, I woke up to a beautiful gift... some digestive problems and a nasty cold. It's the gift that keeps on giving, really. Despite my illness, Sam and I opened presents and then headed to Disneyland so I could do a show and we could spend some time frolicking. It poured rain all day, but we were determined to have a great time, which means that we didn't really have a very good time. We intended to stay and watch the fireworks but instead we left and got Mcdonalds for dinner. Merry Christmas.

On New Years, Sam and I went out on a Junk Boat with about thirty of our friends. We had pizza and made a lot of noise. We also watched people in other boats who probably have more money than they know what to do with. Our camera died so I have no pictures to show you. Instead, I'll describe what could have been really great photos...

Picture a photo of Sam and I standing on the top of a fancy boat with the beautiful Hong Kong skyline behind us. I'm looking fabulously fit, my hair flowing flawlessly in the wind and my make up is perfect. Sam is smiling at me, paying no attention to the camera because he's so in love. 

And here's a photo of us with all of our friends that took entirely too long to take because there's so many of us. 

Oh, wait. We actually have that. 

We just didn't take it with our camera. I don't even know who did.

As far as work goes, I'm still doing this stuff and I love it.

This past contract has felt a little more relaxed than the last, which is strange because I learned a new show and I've been going back and forth a bit between that and The Golden Mickeys. I've seriously been having so much fun. 

The Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show! 
I'm basically hanging out with my new gal Miss Kitty whenever I'm needed. I must say that performing with live musicians outside in the park is exactly what I needed. 
I'm out in the sun getting a little browner, I get to talk to guests and I'm singing for like nine straight minutes with my saloon girls. I also get to wear a killer costume and be sassy with everyone.

The fact that we do the Hokey-Pokey is just the cherry on top.

Mid-January, Sam's mom Tracey and his Aunt Krista came to visit us! We had so much fun playing tour guide.

Here we are at the Peak! 

And my favorite photo from the whole week...

a selfie that this lady took of us while she was trying to sell us a selfie stick!
I think between Tracey and Krista, five were purchased. Not kidding.

Sam and I have been trying to save up so we can take a trip to Tokyo this spring at the end of my time here in Hong Kong so we've been trying to avoid buying meat and instead we just eat a lot of eggs and nuts. 

As you can see, we're not getting enough protein. 

Here's something cool!

This lady is definitely clipping her finger nails on the bus. 

Last week, I went on a little walk around the area where we live with my friends Rhiannon, Donny and Katie. Sam was home studying. This area is called The Heritage Trail. It was rich with culture and stray cats. 

It's basically some of the oldest buildings in Hong Kong that have been preserved and are right around Tin Shui Wai, of all places. 

Hey, Donny. 

Some sort of shrine.

And a wonky tree. 

And the most important thing we saw on this Heritage Trail-


That was pretty much the whole thing. 

We just needed to get out of the apartment, I guess. 
Afterwards, we all ate pizza and watched Bridesmaids... we also ate a lot of candy... and caramel corn... and we got Mcdonalds ice cream.

This last Friday night, Brittany and I had a lady date in TST at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. We saw the Hong Kong Philharmonic perform with Lea Salonga! If you don't know who Lea Salonga is, I'll give you a brief rundown because she's important. 

She's a Filipina powerhouse who has perfect pitch and can belt her face off. 
Made her professional debut at the age of seven in The King and I.
Originated the role of Kim in Miss Saigon... she basically IS Miss Saigon... and she won the Tony and pretty much every other award ever given.... also, she was 17. Yeah.
She also played Eponine in Les Mis...
Oh, and she sang for the voices of Jasmine and Mulan. 
So yeah... seeing her perform with the HKphil was the coolest thing I've done in Hong Kong. And she did an ABBA medley for her encore. Thank goodness.

Married life is treating me well, for those of you who have been wondering. Sam and I are working hard to prepare for our return to the states in late April. It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that we're leaving this place because of the family we've got here now, but I miss home and I'm looking forward to whatever lies in store for us there. In the mean time, we're enjoying our last few months. 

And just so everyone knows...

Drug driving may be your journey to death.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Class and Sass

I've realized that most of my blogs begin with a confession about how long it's been since I've posted. This one is past the three month mark. In that three months, I've made some pretty permanent decisions that have drastically changed my life. And it's all been very weird but so so cool.

Sam and I got married. This is old news to our friends and family (especially if we're Facebook friends), but I noticed that I have three readers in Germany, seven in Peru and twenty-five in Finland.... And last I checked, I don't know anyone currently living in any of those countries. So, for those thirty-five people, I'll just give everyone a quick update. 

We had a very small wedding. I'm not even sure I can call it a wedding.... but a marriage definitely took place, so I'll just call it a wedding to keep it simple. I flew home from Hong Kong on a Friday and we were married on Monday. A lot of people seem a little confused when I tell them we were married after only being engaged for a month. Like as if I must be pregnant or we just couldn't wait to consummate the marriage. Not that it's really anyone else's business, but neither of those things are true. We really did it for Sam's work visa. 

Just kidding. Sort of. 

Yes, Sam was ready to move to Hong Kong and I was ready to have him here and the easiest way for him to work here was to get a dependent visa from me. Classy, I know. But aside from all of that, we actually love each other a lot. It was the plan for a long time to have our legal ceremony rather quickly and for him to come back to Hong Kong to live with me. So that's what we did!


One of my BFF's (Janel) was able to drive from Utah to see me get married. And we got a selfie with my Gramps. 

We're married. Jealous? 

We left the small community center (there was a white board in every room) where we had our ceremony and to keep things classy, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos at dinner. I'll just paint a picture for you. Twenty-five of us at one table. One server. Separate checks. But it was actually really fun AND I had chicken fajitas. Class. 

Sam and I were then chauffeured by my parents (class) to a small hotel in downtown Seattle. After telling the concierge that we had just been married, she complimented me on my bird dress and offered us champagne. We took Perrier instead (class). We spent two days in Seattle seeing the sights that we both are pretty familiar with since we grew up around that area. We bought ourselves wedding gifts at Nordstrom Rack (class), and then we tried to do something actually classy by going to the Seattle Art Museum. Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday, so the museum was closed. Instead we saw "Gone Girl" and spent the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable. On Wednesday morning, we took a cab to the Seattle Metro and then headed to the airport. 

Two and a half hours later, we were greeted at LAX by one of my favorite women to ever grace the planet. She took us to her home to see her family, brought us to an excellent spot in Long Beach for cheap Mexican food, and finally to Target; The King of Class. I was sad to say goodbye but we saw her like twelve hours later at Disneyland. 

Katie Sandwich. On one side- Husband. On the other- Hailey. 

So I know what you're all thinking; You seriously went to Disneyland for your honeymoon? And the answer is, "No. I did not." Actually, this Disney trip was planned before the wedding was planned. My older sister and her family were planning to be there and I wanted to hang out in Disneyland with my nephews. So there. 

We went as the crew from Peter Pan. My brother-in-law made an excellent shadow and my nephews are just too dang cute. And props to my sister for a very accurate Mr. Smee. As you can see, we all pretty much gave up on finding the right shoes.

We found Peter and Wendy. All we discussed was how we should pose and how much better Wendy's hair was than mine. Those bangs tho. 

And my dearest friend and former AMDA roommate, Caitlyn, met us in her space suit to bring us our wedding gift. I was just really happy about the space suit. 

And the hats made for excellent photos!!!

After spending time in Disneyland, we drove our rental car (class) to Los Angeles to see some friends and get cheap music from AMDA, which I got loads and loads of. We stayed in a really gross hotel. Like really gross. I thought with it being a chain, we would be safe enough, but then I remembered that we were on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and we got the room for under 100$ a night. But it was all worth it, because...

That night we had a Hong Kong Disneyland reunion!

I was glad to spend another night with my main squeeze Hailey, and if you didn't know, the lovely blonde on the left is Noelle, who you might recognize from her very famous tumblr called "Low-Budget Beasts". Look it up, if you haven't already. She's a comedic goddess. 

After our very short trip to Los Angeles, we headed back to Seattle to spend a little time with our families. I honestly don't remember much of that last week, probably because I spent most of my time watching TV and eating root beer floats (root beer is real hard to come by in Hong Kong. Class). Sam and I also got pretty sick, which is exactly what you want when you're about to be stuck on a plane for fourteen hours. 

So now we live in Hong Kong together! And we're having a blast. Look out for my next blog when I tell you all about our super fun adventures as newlyweds! Adventures include: Adding Sam to my bank account, applying for his dependent visa and trying to find him a job!

Oh. And now that I'm married, I will use this blog as a platform to share my unlimited knowledge of how to be an excellent homemaker. Because the second you get married, you know everything. Right?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Make It Big

I recently posted a blog on my Facebook that was entirely about Phyllis Neffler's outfits in the 1980's classic film "Troop Beverly Hills". I said it once and I'll say it again- if you haven't seen Troop Beverly Hills, your life is missing something precious. The opening sequence features a song by The Beach Boys called "Make it Big". The song is so spectacularly 80's and it's been stuck in my head since I last watched the film. So like 2 weeks ago. I thought it was a good enough title. Plus, I can't really think of anything better because this post is going to be a bit all over the place. So I'll just use the word "big" as much as possible. Also, it'll be pretty long... so I guess we can just refer to this as "a pretty big post". See what I did there?

After the biggest event of my life, which was blogged about two weeks ago, my new Fiancé and I have done some pretty big stuff. It was Sam's second Monday here and we had slept in far too late. We decided to try out a short hike on Lantau Island near Ngong Ping, which is where the "Big Buddha" is. I've been in Hong Kong for eleven months and never once had the desire to go up to the Buddha because it seemed like an awful lot of walking to see something I didn't care much about. This day was no different. We planned to hike in the area, but not to go to the Buddha. 

My Fiancé is so hot. 

We took the MTR to Tung Chung so we could hop on a bus to Ngong Ping. We ate lunch in Tung Chung and then walked out to the bus stop, only to find out that we had just missed our bus and there wouldn't be another for 45 minutes. Also, did I mention it was freaking hot? Because it was freaking hot. So instead of standing in the heat for 45 minutes, my caring, supportive Fiancé somehow talked me into getting on the cable cars that take us up to the same area. I hate sitting high up in the air for extended periods of time. I hate ferris wheels. I hate bridges. I hate cable cars. This was actually the second time Sam has talked me into getting on such a contraption. The first time was at the San Diego Zoo a year ago. 

The view was fierce and I actually wasn't too uncomfortable with the ride. 
It was much more bearable than that stupid ferris wheel on the Seattle Water Front. 

And there's the Buddha. Also known as "Tian Tan Buddha". It's meant to symbolize the harmony between man and nature. Pictures don't really do it justice. 

We arrived at the top after about 25 minutes on the cable cars. We rode up with two Marines who were stationed in Japan and who didn't seem totally comfortable with telling us they were Marines. We mostly discussed the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Washington State.

We walked through a tourist area where they sell a bunch of over-priced crap that you can buy in Mongkok for much cheaper. 

We then walked up a crap-ton of stairs. 

We were so excited because we figured we were going to see a really amazing national treasure (not like the Nicolas Cage movie) that was built hundreds of years ago by Chinese men who carried equipment up this giant mountain to build a shrine to their god. 

Nope. It was built in 1993 by a bunch of machines. It's made of bronze and steel and it's featured on a lot of postage stamps. 

After climbing back down, we walked around the shops while we waited for our bus. 

Note: If you damage any of the merchandise with your giant, monstrous, deformed hand, you must repay in full price... and those are my boots. 

There's also a giant Buddhist Temple, but they were doing construction on it. Also, forgive my American ignorance, but I feel like once you've seen one Buddhist Temple, you've seen them all. 

We hopped on our bus and headed to Tai O (a small fishing village on Lantau- featured in one of my previous blog posts. Also known as "The Venice of Hong Kong").

We took a boat tour through the village and then saw a ton of dolphins. I'm not kidding. Normally you go and see maybe one. Sometimes they don't make an appearance at all. We saw four or five and they were going nuts. Did I mention the dolphins here are pink? I wish we had some excellent photos, but we don't. It was far too magical to capture on film. You'll just have to take our word for it. 

We believed the day to be incredibly successful and we enjoyed every minute of it. We returned home from Tai O on a treacherous bus ride where we "saw" some wild cattle. 

On Wednesday, we had a Disney Day! Hooray! 

We rode everything in the park in a matter of an hour or two. Everyone in Hong Kong is back in school, thank Heaven. We even had time for Autopia! And our car made strange sounds every time we pressed on the gas pedal. 

We left around sunset because I can only handle being at work when I don't need to be for so long. 
"Exhausted Sam and Katie" can be seen in photo below. 

On our way home, we witnessed a first on the light rail. 

This guy is plucking his "facial hair" with two one dollar coins. And he thought he was being so sneaky. Gross.

Two nights ago, Sam and I threw a bit of a soiree to celebrate our recent engagement. We kept it very small and intimate, mostly because I don't do well with large groups of people, especially when dining at a restaurant. I ate a steak sandwich, which is totally appropriate when wearing a fancy white dress and bright red lipstick. I'm one classy broad. 

Here's most of the gang. A few left early and people could have maybe been in the bathroom at the time this photo was taken. 

The filter makes us look a little ghostly, but the original was way too dark. 

A large group of us took the bus home together. I've never had a dull moment with the cast of The Festival of The Lion King, and this bus ride was no different. 
We sang. Full volume. Full bus. No apologies. 

The next day, as if we hadn't had enough excitement for one week, we decided to go on a hike. A real hike, this time. We didn't even hike the other day we planned to hike. 

Don't mind my chest zit. I sweat 24 hours a day here. Not good for chacne or bacne. 

Dragon's Back is a hike on Hong Kong Island that basically goes along the top of a majorly huge hill (you can't really call it a mountain. We have mountains in Washington. This was a large hill. A hill with a lot of shrubbery).

We took the MTR to Chai Wan, which from Tin Shui Wai (where we live), is like an hour and a half on the train. We then had some ramen for lunch before walking up a huge concrete hill to get to the beginning of our trek. 

The beginning of our trek was the Cape Collinson Cemetery. 

We climbed a fair amount of stairs through the cemetery, which is built into the hill, and got this shot. The rows of what look like tiny little port-potties are actually rows of grave markers. And there were thousands of them.

A bazillion stairs later we reached the beginning of the Tai Tam Trail which would eventually take us to Dragon's Back. There's another more direct way to do Dragon's Back if you start at Shek O Beach, but apparently, that way takes six hours. We just didn't have that kind of time. 

At this point, we had been traveling for over two hours from the MTR, so we figured another 2 1/2 kilometers wouldn't be so bad. 

The next leg didn't take 75 minutes, like the sign suggests. We took our time through the bushy path because we were concerned about walking our faces through things like this... 

This spider really is as big as you think it is. And this wasn't even the biggest one we saw. 

They're called Silk Orb Weavers, and apparently the species that live here are the biggest spiders in the world. Yeah, you read correctly. They're harmless to humans but we read that they do eat birds and snakes. 

They weave webs that are bigger than human beings and THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. 
This one was about 3 feet wide and 4 feet long. 

After around 2 hours of hiking through the mammoth spider domain, we arrived at the top!

The trail along the top of the mountain was about a half a mile long of this view. 
It was pretty breath-taking and the wind wasn't too bad either. We welcomed it after sweating our faces off down below. 

More stairs. 

At this point it was about six and we were ready to be done. The walk to the end of the trail from top was only like 25 minutes. We know now if we ever want to go back up there, we can just start at the end and then go back the same way again. It would have saved about four hours and we could have avoided the spiders. 

And now, I give you Wong and Poon.

Hong Kong soccer sponsors. 

After finishing this blog, I realized I should have somehow put the word stairs in the title. This blog was mostly about stairs.